LEED Silver - Oahu, Hawaii

The Ewa Makai Middle School was constructed to alleviate overcrowding of various surrounding K-12 facilities.  The new school, designed to accommodate seventh and eighth grades, includes an indoor dining facility, outdoor learning gardens, library media center and specialty classrooms for music, art, technology, family and consumer science, dance and performance, and health and fitness.

Some sustainable strategies incorporated into Ewa Makai Middle School include:

  • Natural daylighting (solar tubes, light shelves and skylights)
  • Displacement ventilation for the air conditioning system
  • On-site storm water retention system which will retain 100% run-off of the annual rainfall
  • Gray-water irrigation system (non-potable water source)
  • Occupancy sensors integrated into the lighting system and low-flow plumbing fixtures

Area: 197,000 SF

Total Construction Cost: $58 Million


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