EEI is pleased to introduce Balance, our powerful cloud-based Building System Analytics (BSA) platform and its suite of integrated energy monitoring and savings tools.  Balance is an analytics software platform specifically designed for monitoring, analyzing and auditing HVAC system performance.  The system pulls together meter and system data, analyzes and displays the results in ways that are meaningful to operators.  This allows on-site operators to optimize system performance, benchmark that performance against defined energy goals and identify problems much faster than otherwise possible.  The platform is a key part of the EEI Lean Energy Program for ongoing commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning.

The key components of our Balance tool are as follows:

Data Acquisition

Balance utilizes a secure internet connection to collect data (read only) in real time from virtually any building automation system network, equipment control network or industrial control network.  Data can be collected several times each hour.  Control system points are mapped to our systematic naming convention.  Because cloud storage space and costs are no longer an issue, there is no longer practical limitations on collecting, storing and filtering large amounts of data for evaluating system performance. 

Analytics and Analysis

Leveraging cloud computing technologies, standard and custom algorithms are used to automatically and continuously analyze the collected facility data to detect potential energy-saving opportunities, which are regularly reviewed and verified by our engineers and prioritized based on fault costs and potential energy dollar savings.  Sophisticated charting tools are also used to visualize multiple simultaneous data points over user-defined time periods to evaluate trends or correlations.  Periodic reports are provided to the customer by our building commissioning engineers via webinar. 

Balance offers a critical additional feature for facilities with large central plants – energy system optimization.  Balance’s powerful optimization engine is used to process system flow, energy and power measurements, along with variable utility rate structures, to determine optimal operating strategies in real time to minimize energy consumption and cost.

Task Management

Identified energy-saving opportunities are translated into specific tasks for implementation by facility staff or contractors, with the top priority tasks tracked for progress and verified for completion and effectiveness.

Performance Metrics

Balance will automatically download facility utility or sub-meter demand, consumption and cost data (when available) and generate performance metrics such as the Energy Utilization Index and Energy Star® score, updating these metrics monthly.  Custom metrics can also be utilized and viewed along with standard metrics from the energy dashboard.

Measurement and Verification

The success of our BSA program will be demonstrated using the Balance measurement and verification reporting tool, which will report energy (weather-corrected) and dollar (rate-adjusted) savings. 


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