Town Hall Complex

Cary, NC

The Cary Town Hall Complex consists of Town Hall, a 101,583 square foot government office building, a 55,253 square foot Police and Technology Services building and a 27,000 SF community center, which contains meeting rooms, a gymnasium and a parking deck. The intent of the project was to optimize building systems to operate efficiently and effectively in accordance with the original design intent and operate as required to deliver uninterrupted performance. The intent was also to provide facility staff with adequate system documentation and training.

As a result of EEI’s Investigation Phase efforts, we have been awarded another contract to provide design services to implement our findings and recommendations. Implementing our design retrofits will reduce the overall energy use of the facility. Services included observation of the various building systems condition, operating strategies, and practices for the purpose of finding and implementing cost-effective improvements. EEI was chosen to provide the following services:

  • Identify and review available documentation, drawings and energy usage data.

  • Develop a building specific retro-commissioning plan.

  • Lead and facilitate all commissioning meetings.

  • Perform a detailed on site assessment of current maintenance practices and operating strategies noting all possible deficiencies and improvements.

  • Perform short term diagnostic monitoring.

  • Develop, oversee and document functional test procedures.

  • Develop a master list of deficiencies and improvements.

  • Recommend a prioritization of projects for developing an energy efficient capital improvements budget.

  • Prioritize the most cost-effective improvements for implementation for existing systems.

  • Calculate the estimated energy savings and/or return on investment of projects based on the before and after energy measurements.

  • Update building documentation.

  • Develop an operations and maintenance manual.

  • Develop a comprehensive training plan for facility staff.

  • Submit a final report. 

  Potential Energy Saving Opportunities:



Town of Cary

Commissioning Authority

Engineering Economics, Inc.


Approx. 200,000 SF


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