EEI has introduced an ongoing commissioning program called Lean Energy Operations.  This program couples data analytics and ongoing commissioning into an effective monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) program.  This program is built to deliver sustainable energy results over a long period of time by integrating the Balance software with the professional engineering and commissioning expertise needed to translate analytical data into actionable energy savings opportunities.

By leveraging our Balance technology, EEI can implement ongoing commissioning more cost-effectively than any other provider, while still delivering the quality results that only comes from professional engineers with 30+ years of experience in energy saving and commissioning services.  We will provide a proven team capable of providing both the commissioning plan and current facility requirements, as well as the follow-on system documentation necessary to maximize performance and energy efficiency.  Our on-site engineers will identify opportunities, determine the root cause of identified issues and recommend actionable items to improve operations.  EEI also has the expertise to manage the implementation of these actionable items and provide staff training as needed.

As part of this program, EEI will undertake the following:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the process
  • Publish an integrated metering diagram as part of the commissioning plan to communicate the performance measurement strategy
  • Install the Balance software
  • Develop a data management process to get real time data into Balance
  • Map the necessary building automation system points into Balance
  • Implement a process of fault detection and system optimization to identify energy savings opportunities
  • Use on-site engineering support to identify areas of opportunity not identified in the data analysis and to assist operators with implementation of recommended changes (task management)
  • Develop a training program to train on-site operators on the proper use of Balance
  • Establish a M&V process to track energy performance – this information will be posted on an energy dashboard in Balance


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