16th Street Outpatient Clinic

LEED Gold - Santa Monica, CA

Image via UCLA Health

This newly built facility replaced a lot of vacant buildings and has become an extension of the university medical center.  The 45,000 SF building contains medical office, outpatient surgery units as well as oncology treatment facilities.  The first floor departments include radiology / oncology, specimen laboratory, pharmacy, central supply, trash facilities, sterile processing department, public restrooms, staff locker rooms and admission area.

The second floor consists of post anesthesia, eight operating rooms, soiled utility, anesthesia work room, pathology, implant storage, staff offices and restrooms.  The third floor consists of a standard medical clinic including exam rooms, waiting areas, nurses stations, blood draw station, conference room and back of house rooms.

EEI’s commissioning process was successful in revealing and initiating the correction of a number of operational problems. The process also created a written record of the formal and informal changes implemented during the completion process. As the commissioning process was started early under the LEED guidelines, the contractors were able to address problems and issues raised by EEI to assure a fully functional system to the satisfaction of the owner.

Area: 45,000 SF

Total Construction Cost: $60 Million

Image via UCLA Health


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