Research Support Facility II

LEED Platinum - Golden, CO

Combined, RSFI & RSFII encompass 360,000 SF.  This project is a national showcase designed to demonstrate how high-performance buildings can be aesthetically compelling and acquired at a competitive first-cost and lifecycle cost. Not only is the RSF designed to meet the LEED Platinum rating, it is also on course to be the first net-zero energy building (ZEB) of its kind. The building is projected to consume a maximum of 25 kbtu per SF per year (demand side).

To obtain the high level of performance, one of the technologies that the mechanical system uses is a transpired solar collector to heat the ventilation air.  Preheated outdoor air from the transpired collector is used to charge a high mass crawlspace air plenum which, through a series of control dampers, allows the RSF systems to use heat stored during the day to heat the outdoor air at night or on cold days. 

In addition to the solar thermal systems, RSFII also includes an extensive photovoltaic array covering most of the building’s roof, which is also part of the commissioning scope.

Area: 360,000 SF (RSF I & RSF II)

Image via NREL Image Gallery


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