Retro-Commissioning of Eight Hospitals

NOAA David Skaggs Research Center

Virginia, West Virginia & North Carolina

EEI was contracted to provide professional retro-commissioning services for VISN 6’s HVAC and related energy-using systems. VISN 6 includes eight (8) medical centers located in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, collectively covering approximately 5.6M SF. 

EEI identified 2,179 facility improvement measures, of which EEI recommended 140 for implementation based on payback. The energy conservation measures, if implemented, will save the VA $1,848,780 in energy dollars and 30.6 Million kWh in electricity per year.

EEI’s scope was broken down into two main phases for each project site:

Planning and Investigation. 

The Planning Phase included the review of existing documentation (i.e. energy data, basis of design, facility drawings, TAB reports, O&M manuals and previous commissioning reports. This was followed by the development of a retro-commissioning plan with input from the facilities staff. 

The subsequent Investigation Phase included field inspections, data gathering, testing, and analysis to assess system performance and identify improvement opportunities. EEI’s detailed investigation specifically included the following: Checking systems for conditions that affect system operation (e.g. cleanliness of coils, condition of filters/belts, and status of preventative maintenance actions; Conducting a thorough walk-through with facility personnel; Developing system one-line diagrams as needed; Interviewing building occupants; Collecting and analyzing energy/non-energy/system data; Establishing baselines for performance; Developing a System Diagnostic Monitoring Plan for the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) review and approval; performing comprehensive system diagnostic monitoring (e.g. BAS trending, portable data logger trending, and energy and weather data collection); Identify and documenting readily identifiable system improvement and energy-efficiency opportunities, as well as particular problem areas for additional systems testing. 

EEI developed and executed system test procedures/plans to evaluate overall building systems performance, providing the results and analysis to the COTR in a System Testing Report for review and approval. The testing process included the verification and calibration of all sensors, as well as simple repairs or improvements made at the time of testing, as reported to the COTR in a Simple Repair Report. 


Owner Department of Veterans Affairs
Commissioning Authority Engineering Economics, Inc.
Area Approx. 5,600,000 SF
Total Construction Cost $2.7 Million



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