Facilities Plant and South Campus Chiller Plant

Columbus, Ohio

LEED® Project

EEI Healthcare was selected to provide independent commissioning and retro-commissioning services for the Ohio State University (OSU) Medical Center Diagnostic/Treatment and Inpatient Cancer and Critical Care Tower (CCCT); the Rhodes, Doan, James and Cramblett (RDJC) Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Upgrades Project; and the South Campus Central Chiller Plant (SCCCP).

CCCT Addition LEED Commissioning

The CCCT is a 980,175-SF, 17-story medical treatment facility. This in-patient tower contains three floors of Critical Care patient beds, seven floors of Acute Care Cancer beds and one floor of Bone Marrow Transplant patient beds.  The facility also offers related diagnostic, treatment, ancillary and support services, including outpatient cancer ambulatory functions. Commissioned systems include mechanical, life safety, vertical transportation, and smoke control systems.  This project is seeking LEED Silver Certification with energy savings to exceed current energy codes by 20%.

RDJC MEP Upgrades Commissioning

The RDJC MEP upgrades project involves extensive infrastructure upgrades to an existing 1.8 million-SF high-rise hospital.  The project includes replacing multiple dual duct air handlers with dual-path variable air volume (VAV) units, adding 480-volt electrical distribution, replacing failing sanitary sewer and condensate piping and making connections to the concurrently constructed central plant.  The air handlers will be replaced in their current location using temporary units to maintain patient comfort, space pressurization and infection control.  Terminal units in the patient areas will be converted from dual duct to VAV with reheat.  Emergency chiller connections will be installed in RDJC prior to commissioning of the new central plant to provide temporary cooling in the event of catastrophic failure of the existing chillers. 

RDJC Chilled Water System Retro-Commissioning

The OSU Medical Center campus is served by four central chiller plants located within the three existing hospital buildings.  EEI Healthcare’s scope included as-built documentation of the entire chilled water system for all three buildings in support of the new SCCCP design.  This as-built process focused on chilled water flow and velocities, coil connection details and equipment operating points.  EEI also retained the services of a local testing, adjusting and balancing firm to document existing chilled water and airside operating conditions.  

South Campus Central Chiller Plant Commissioning

Upon completion, the SCCCP will serve the entire south OSU Medical Center campus at full build-out; this includes the existing RDJC complex and the new CCCT.  The initial phase includes 15,000 tons of cooling with N+1 redundancy.  Final build-out will provide a total of 30,000 tons with N+1 redundancy.  Four thousand tons of cooling will be connected to emergency power to serve critical loads within the medical center.  Noteworthy system features include industrial controls, variable speed pumping and 42” piping.

The new central plant will tie into the new CCCT and existing building using direct-connections where possible and plate-and-frame heat exchangers where existing building pipe configurations require hydraulic isolation from the plant.  EEI Healthcare was instrumental in developing a plan to identify and repair pre-existing issues associated with the existing chilled water system and developing a plan to convert from the existing local central plant to the remote central plant.


Owner Ohio State University Medical Center
Commissioning Authority EEI Healthcare
Area 2,800,000 SF
Total Construction Cost $1 Billion



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