Burlingame, CA

EEI Healthcare was initially retained by the owner to provide owner and peer review services of the schematic design for the engineered systems portion of this replacement acute care hospital project.  Engineered systems include HVAC, plumbing, medical gas, electrical and information technology systems.

EEI Healthcare conducted a schematic design review and several subsequent reviews of the Design Documents, coupled with workshops with the design engineers and the operators to present and discuss the various features of the design.  The intent was to have all parties fully understand the proposed configurations and to obtain input and buy-in from Sutter Health management and the hospital operations staff.  Reviews were for system configurations, best value, future growth and expansions, better durability, and reliability that will minimize future cost and maintenance requirements.

For each review of the design, EEI Healthcare prepared a tabular listing of each system configuration and the proposed equipment within each system.  EEI Healthcare documented each review in a matrix form that summarized the key elements of each system; describing each feature, with comments and resolution sections for responses and/or conclusions.

Functional testing and validation services (traditional commissioning) were provided during the construction, start-up and owner acceptance phases.  This included test documentation, tracking of issues, operator training, system optimization, failure mode testing and final operating documentation.

Owner Sutter Health
Commissioning Authority EEI Healthcare
Area 590,000 SF
Total Construction Cost $528 Million



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