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LEED® Projects

EEI Data was hired by Verizon Wireless to provide LEED commissioning services for Mobile Switching Centers and Network Equipment Centers located across the United States.  We have provided these services in cities such as Tulsa, Oklahoma; Vista, California; Boise, Idaho; Tempe, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona and Hillsboro, Oregon. 

Commissioning services for these mobile switching centers include mechanical, plumbing, fuel oil, electrical, fire protection, lighting control and security equipment and systems.

EEI Data's typical services include:

  • Detailed reviews of the Construction Documents
  • Review of equipment specifications
  • Development of the Commissioning Plan
  • Site observations
  • Equipment start-up
  • Functional test procedure development
  • Functional testing

Additionally, we provide training which includes participation in the functional testing, educational sessions based on the design intent and participation in final troubleshooting.  Our scope also includes warranty phase commissioning and provision of a final commissioning report that thoroughly describes the commissioning program. 


Owner Verizon
Commissioning Authority EEI Data
Area Various
Total Construction Cost Confidential



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