Englewood, Colorado

EEI Data was hired to commission a large data center uninterruptible power supply (UPS) replacement project located in the Denver Technology Center.  The system consists of a single 4,000-amp utility feed and a single 2,000-kW diesel generator with two 2,000-amp automatic transfer switches for backup.  

Each automatic transfer switch is fed from a 2,000-amp breaker in the main distribution switchboard on the normal side and a 2,000-amp breaker in the emergency main switchboard.  Each transfer switch feeds a switchboard that distributes power to one half of the existing UPS system.

Each switchboard, either SWBD1 or SWBD2, has four feeders to two UPS modules.  These feeders are a 600-amp normal feed and a 500-amp bypass feed.  Also fed from each switchboard is the mechanical equipment associated with each UPS. The two switchboards are also connected by a tie circuit and manual breakers to allow operation of all units in the event power is lost to either board.  These breakers are interlocked with a “Kirk-key” system to prevent unauthorized or unintentional energizing of the equipment.

Mechanical equipment serving the data center and equipment room were arranged to be associated with the UPS system providing electrical power to the area served by the HVAC systems. This ensured the power and cooling were both available in the same area.

The new configuration of the updated system incorporates the existing equipment and layout with the new units in a similar layout with a few changes.   The existing systems were left in service throughout construction.  Conduit and wire was planned and installed prior to any shutdowns for the final connections to minimize downtime,  A Kirk-Key interlock system prevents unintentional energizing of any circuit and the connection of more than two switchboards at one time.  This bypass cabinet provides a manual means for backup power to any system upon failure of the automatic transfer switch.

The new UPS system was designed to utilize the same equipment used in the original design.  This eliminates duplication of spare parts and the need for more than one service contract. 

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