Pfizer Data Center
New London, CT

Like all mission-critical projects, data center commissioning requires tight coordination between the design team and construction trades, with special consideration given to system redundancy and reliability.  In approaching data centers and other mission critical projects, EEI professionals give careful consideration to the prospect of system failures and the relationship of critical system/equipment links.  Due to the highly specialized nature and needs of data centers, EEI has formed a specialized division of the firm -- EEI Data -- to lead these unique and technically complex efforts.

EEI Data has significant data center and mission critical experience.  EEI has commissioned 50 stand-alone data center facilities; 320+ office building projects (most of which contain smaller data center systems); 520+ medical and hospital projects; as well as 100+ laboratory/research projects.  We understand the importance of 24/7 operations and make system reliability a reality for our clients.

Data centers present several unique factors with regard to the commissioning process:  1)  Due to the high load density of a data center, the allowable time to recover from a system/equipment failure (or a "Black-Start") is substantially reduced as compared to other facility types; 2) The cost of a data center failure is usually much higher than with other types of buildings; and 3) Redundancy must be provided throughout a data center facility in order to achieve high reliability and reduce system downtime.

As with all commissioning projects, EEI can maximize its value to the customer through early involvement during the Design Phase.  This is particularly true for data center projects.  During the design phase, we provide an independent peer review of the Design Documents, providing a fresh perspective when considering the designed system contingencies.  In addition to standard commissioning peer review services, we also carefully consider failure modes, operation at partial, full and future loads, and the coordination of controls.

EEI’s approach, as well as our extensive experience commissioning data centers and other mission critical facilities, helps assure our clients that their data centers will achieve maximum performance, while also providing high levels of reliability and energy efficiency.

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