Salt Lake City, Utah 

The Salt Lake City International Airport is a 3,200,000-SF campus, with the airport complex made up of 3 terminals, 5 concourses and 80 gates.  The airport served 22.2 million passengers in 2005.

EEI was hired to provide retro-commissioning services for the Airport in partnership with the local utility provider.  EEI's investigation concentrated on the lighting and HVAC systems in the building.  EEI also examined equipment efficiencies, as well as equipment operations and their impact on electrical energy and demand.  Our efforts involved fieldwork, testing, engineering and energy analysis to identify and quantify measures which would provide utility savings to the owner.

Identified energy conservation measures included supply air temperature, static pressure, air handling unit scheduling and daylighting modifications.  In addition to these implemented changes, EEI also recommended additional savings measures which would increase operational savings, if implemented by the owner.

EEI’s recommendations exceeded the annual energy savings target goal established by the utility provider.

Owner Salt Lake City
Commissioning Authority Engineering Economics, Inc.
Area 636,500 SF
Total Cost unknown



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